Justine + Jay | A Sweet Engagement Session at Chandler’s Gardens

March 18th, 2018


My oh my, where do I even begin with these two?!

When it comes to planning for the perfect engagement session, I send out an in depth questionnaire about my clients and one of my favorite question asks where or what their perfect engagement location is. I loved that Justine + Jay wanted to do it at their wedding venue, Chandler’s Gardens in Celina, TX. This venue is an absolute hidden gem outside of McKinney. The beautiful 250 scenic acres is one you need to see in person because pictures really do no justice for this stunning venue! 

Justine + Jay are literally two most joyful people you will ever met. I don’t think there was a moment during our session where they weren’t goofing off, nonstop laughing or smiling. It was a fun one and I really didn’t want it to end at all! 

Everything from their personality to their love story is a sweet one. But the sweetest of all is yet to come. They will be getting married on New Year’s Eve and I already know it’s going to be one heck of a party with these two!

Scroll to see their engagement session & get to know them!


How did you two meet? 

Justine – At a Texas Tech football game! (WRECK EM! ) Jay was a freshman and I was so excited to show him the ropes of tailgating, Pi Kapp parties, and everything else good ol Lubbock had to offer.

Jay –  We met through a common group of friends. One close friend in particular introduced us as my first Texas Tech football game. We didn’t talk much that day, but the seed had been planted for sure!



What do you love about each other? 

Justine – He is literally the ying to my yang. I will most likely be the one wanting to keep the party going till 5 am, Jay likes his scheduled bedtime. I tend to have my head in the clouds, whereas Jay is more grounded. I pick up hobbies, books, and shows and bounce around whereas Jay is so devoted to getting the task at hand done. I think of food as an art whereas Jay thinks of food as a science. These are just a few of the opposites in our personalities, but it makes complete sense when we’re together. He brings out the best in me when I need him and I know I do the same for him.

Jay –   Without a doubt, one of the first things that made me fall (and stay) so deeply in love with this girl is how passionate she is. Whether it’s her career, her current obsession, or her love for me, she jumps in head first and pursues it with her whole heart.



Was it love at first sight? 

Justine – Oh yes! Well, it was for me at least. I was instantly drawn to Jay and how tall he is, but as soon as I got to know him and his goofy personality I was absolutely hooked.

Jay – When we first saw each other at my first football game in Fall of 2012, I can’t say it was love just yet. Over the next few years we got to know each other better and better, while being friends. Once our timing aligned in Spring of 2016, and really spent some time together, it took just a few days before I knew i was going to spend the rest of my life with this girl.



What are you looking forward to most after the wedding?

Justine  – The adventures we’re about to embark on. We have so many hopes and dreams for each other, and I can’t wait to experience the rest of my life with Jay by my side.

Jay – This sounds ridiculous, but I’m so darn excited to just be like “hey, see that gorgeous human being over there? Ya, that’s my WIFE. I married her! She married me!” That sounds crazy just typing out, but holy cow I’m so excited.



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