Diana + Bao’s Engagement Session | The Harbor in Rockwall, TX

March 18th, 2018

Diana + Bao have become more than clients with me during the whole 2 years of our wedding journey.I first met up with them back in early 2019, where they had set their wedding for September 2020.
Like all other 2020 couples, they too had to postpone their original wedding date to 2021 because of the pandemic. Now it’s finally wedding weekend (1.23.21) for these two and I’m so excited to share their engagement session we took back in June 2020 after non-essentials were able to operate again. It was so nice to shoot again and it couldn’t have been better starting off with these two then!

We spent the warm day at White Rock Lake in a beautiful open field setting. I loved how bright and summery it was that day and though it was hot, we had so much fun frolicking in the field – dodging a few fire ant piles, as you can see on Bao’s face! It was so much fun with these two <3
Then we drove to The Harbor in Rockwall to catch the beautiful sunset. This was a new location for me and though it was VERY busy with people in the background, I was able to shoot as if it was just the three of us. The light was SO YUMMY and I loved Diana + Bao’s outfits – especially Diana’s dress! I am a big fan of flowy dresses because it will photograph so effortlessly when movement is involved.

These two have become near and dear to my heart, they became family to me in my darkest days and I couldn’t tell you all how much I value their love, acceptance and friendship. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding!



How did you two meet?


It was through a friend, we were having a conversation on Facebook about making plans to go to Six Flags. Bao started to join in and said he wanted to come as well. I creep on his Facebook, and was like “hmm.. I’ll add him, seems like a nice guy.” I started to slide into his DM and we chatted for awhile. We then first meet at UTA when he played flag football a week later. When I saw him, he was wearing a headband on his hand and thought how silly does this guy look haha. I really didn’t think of anything besides gaining a new friend, then BAM…he became my boyfriend haha. We actually talked for about six months, the third time when he asked me, I finally said yes to become his girlfriend. We have been together for 9 years now.



Tell me about the proposal story


I had a feeling that she knew that I was going to pop the question whenever she graduates from nursing school. So I decided to change it up on her. I knew she always wanted to go to Canada and so did I. So I originally planned to go Banff, but as I was doing my research they stated that the lake might partially be frozen still so I had to change my mind. So I decided to make the trip out to Seattle, Vancouver, and Whistler. Leading up to the trip, I was frantically trying to find the right ring for her. I didn’t even get her ring until 3 weeks before the trip. I eventually found the ring for her and as I was packing it for the week I was worried about her finding it, or what if TSA grabs it out of my bag. When we landed it in Seattle, I immediately gave the ring to my friend to hold it for me. We landed on late Thursday night and we headed out to Vancouver early Friday morning. I had planned to proposed that night at the spot I chose, but the weather forecast showed that it was going to rain and the photographer I had asked to shoot couldn’t come. So I decided to wait till Saturday. Saturday comes rolling around and I started to freak out and get super anxious/nervous. I kept looking at watch and counting down the hour. When we drove to Sea to Sky Gondola with our friends I was texting my cousin and coworkers about how nervous I was. Everyone told me to relax and that it will be all right. The moment finally came, Diana and I went out to the lookout bridge. I started talking to her and I know I got nervous and I started to fumble with my words. I finally got down to one knee and asked her to marry me. Along with that I started to tear up and she started to laugh and make fun of me. I know that she will not let that moment go ever.



Do you have a funny, romantic, or touching story about your relationship?


When my parents still have their restaurant, I would work about 60-80 hours a week on top of school. There was a day when I was dying from the flu. Bao had to work Baseball and had class, he drove 35 minutes to the restaurant to take over so I can go home and rest.


A funny moment is when I proposed and I know it was a happy exciting time in my life that I teared up and Diana saw me and laughed and wouldn’t stop making fun of me about the situation.


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