Vivian + Keith’s Engagement Session | Love in the City in Boston, MA

March 18th, 2018


Whenever I get the opportunity to not only travel to a new city but also to travel for work, I will always try to jump on that train! This was the case with Vivian + Keith. They both lived in Boston, MA but are getting married in Dallas since Vivian is originally from Texas. We had made plans to wait until they came back in town to have their engagement session but our schedules conflicted because they are both Optometrist. With school and work being hectic, I was a bit nervous about the timeline since it would have been a month for us to take their engagement photos before their wedding day; so I offered to go to them during Memorial weekend.

Traveling to Boston, MA was such a wonderful but also out of the norm because of COVID. I was really nervous about traveling, especially with the requirements about quarantining for 14 days after arrival, but luckily Boston did not mandated that order yet. Though it was pretty nerve wrecking, I was able to explore the city, mountain and beach!

It was forecasted to be in the mid 50s and being semi-used to the Texas heat and humidity, I didn’t know how to feel about the cold. But on the day of our session it was in the high 70s, oh so perfect!
We met up at Boston Public Garden to start off and just a few blocks away was the iconic Acorn Street, known for it’s brown cobblestone road, dating back to colonial Boston. I knew I had to make us walk over there and get some photos taken, not just because of my touristy self but because I quote –

“We are especially happy that you suggested we go to Acorn street because that truly captured Boston for us. The photos are such a special reminder of the time we lived in Boston and such a wonderful close to that chapter. “ – Bride Vivian

So yes, totally worth it! Then we concluded by walking and dancing along side the Boston Seaport District with the Boston skyline in the back until sunset. It was a very serene and pleasant view, even with all of the people out and about in the evening.

Vivian + Keith’s affection for one another is effortless and my heart was so full of joy. To be able to capture their love story that sparked in the city of Boston was pure bliss.
I cannot wait to celebrate and witness their next chapter this Saturday, July 11th!



How did you two meet?


November 18, 2016. The air was cold as I walked down the street, green bean casserole in hand. My roommate Hannah right beside me as we made our way to a small apartment a block away. Having just moved to Boston from Dallas, I was still getting used to the city streets and naturally led us the long way round. When we arrived we were welcomed by the smells of turkey, mashed potatoes and apple pie. I recognized a few of my first year optometry classmates and the rest I assumed were upper years. After a couple introductions, the host invited the girls to get their food first. I decided to head over to the small corner table in the living room seeing as the kitchen was pretty packed. I gathered my plate and made my way over to the kitchen when a voice stopped me in my tracks. “Going back for seconds already?!!” The voice belonged to a stranger I had only just met. His friend looked at him and scolded “You can’t talk to a girl like that.” I became flustered and tried to defend myself but the words seemed to escape me. I couldn’t tell if he was teasing or hangry – I’d say the latter. Later that night I overheard a classmate making plans to rock climb and I eagerly requested to join. Unbeknownst to me was the coordinator of this event – the hangry stranger himself. He collected my classmate’s number and handed his phone over to me with a simple “might as well.” One minute later I received a text message with the name – Keith Wong.



Tell me about the proposal story


I knew our time in Boston was coming to an end, so I wanted to be able to capture the city and this time in our lives in our engagement. Under the guise of a fancy dinner with friends, I took Vivian to Piers Park in East Boston that overlooks the city skyline. As we walked up to the pier, I spotted two of my friends from California, as well as the photographers. Vivian was wondering what we were doing at this park, but I couldn’t answer her because of the anticipation. Of course, as we approached the spot where the photographer had designated, Vivian walked further off towards the water. I asked her to come back because I needed to talk to her about something. “What am I in trouble for this time?” she asked. Though it’s only been a few years, we had been through so much together, and I wanted to spend the rest of our lives through the ups and downs together. I asked her to marry me, and she said of course! What she didn’t know is that after the proposal, our family and friends from California and Texas surprised her in a joyful and tearful reunion. Later that night, the rest of our friends had a rooftop party set up for us, and we got to celebrate the day together with all the people we love most.



What are you most looking forward to most after getting married? 


I can’t wait until Keith and I move in together and I get to wake up and come home to him every day! I am looking forward to the little everyday things that I’ll get to do with my best friend. I can’t wait for all the meals we’ll cook together, game nights we’ll host and dishes we won’t wash (thank you dishwasher.)


I know Vivian doesn’t like flying, but I can’t wait to travel together, since we’ll both be finished with school. I want to experience new places, foods, and adventures with my best friend. Even more so than travel abroad, I am excited to settle down in California with her and enjoy the community of our family, friends, and church. The idea of serving God together as a couple is new and mysterious to me, but I can’t wait to see what He will be doing through us!



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