Heather + Patrick’s Engagement | Fun-filled Downtown Love in Plano, TX

March 18th, 2018



Heather + Patrick were the perfect couple to start off my engagement season.
Sometimes if I haven’t shot an engagement session in a while, I tend to get a little rusty. But nope, these two were absolutely wonderful and the excitement I had with them allowed me to get back into my groove very quickly, I couldn’t be happier!

Heather had found me through Facebook, which is very rare! I don’t have many brides who have found me through Facebook so I was very exhilarated to hear that. I did not get to meet Heather + Patrick prior to when they booked me because I was traveling to Taiwan with my little family around the time. It was also the holidays so it just wasn’t the right time at all.

I’m glad we waited though because the moment that Heather + Patrick walked through the door, we instanly connected! It was fate. It felt like I finally got to to see an old friend again and it was just all laughter and smiles after that. I got to listened to them both about their love story. Their mutual friends had tried to set them up for a date at the very beginning but timing wasn’t right. After 10 months, their mutual friends still insisted that they meet and it finally came about. Patrick had reached out to Heather via text if she was available to meet up for coffee. Though the timing wasn’t right at the very beginning, they hit it off right away – they chatted at the coffee shop for 3 whole hours! I just knew that we had to do some of their engagement session in a coffee shop to incorporate how they met and most of all, how their relationship has blossomed to now. XO Coffee Company in downtown Plano was the perfect little spot for us. The coffee and tea there is absolutely wonderful! I’d say it helped loosen them up because it was all smiles and laughter throughout the whole session.

After we had explored downtown Plano, we drove over to Arbor Hills to frolic in the fresh green hills. The chemistry between Heather + Patrick was undeniably amazing. They were both gentle yet fun! Everything about their sesssion, I aboslutely loved! I might have even squealed too many times because of how excited I got haha.

These images makes my heart sing because you can just tell how in love they are. I am beyond excited to be photographing their wedding next month at The Laurel in Grapevine!


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